CEO Message

"Creative New Values in Life and Dreaming of a Better Future for our Customers"
Creating New Values in Life and Dreaming
of a Better Future for our Customers
Chief Executive Officer Chul-Gu Kim
Since in 1988
GS Entec, amid strong support from its shareholders and customers, has rapidly developed capabilities in the chemical & energy plants/equipments industry.
As a result, became leaders in the industry that serves as a part of the nation’s foundation, and contributed to the nation’s economic development.
Additionally, based on a great reservoir of technology, GS Entec, has expanded business this year 2009 in manufacturing and operating auxiliary equipment of thermal and nuclear power plants.

Currently, we are striving harder to help with the nation’s industrial development in many more areas.

As the CEO, I promise to you that GS Entec will continue to grow as a partner worthy of your trust and business. We will also enhance your trust and confidence by addressing various needs of each of our customers through further development of technologies as well as strict management of quality control and delivery schedules.

In order to achieve these goals, everyone here at GS Entec commits to use our combined best efforts and asks for your continued support and trust so that we can continue to grow together with you and satisfactorily serve your business needs.

Chul-Gu Kim

Chief Executive Officer
GS Entec Corp